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That quote is from the 3DMark06 benchmark page, and it's a valid comment because at stock settings (low res, no filters), that benchmark gets a high percentage of its score from the CPU. The fact is, the vast majority of games out there aren't nearly as dependent on the CPU, especially once you've got it clocking past 3.0 GHz, and there are VERY few games out yet that can legitimately use four cores.

In my own experience, the only game I've ever seen that actually suffered from having a CPU with only 2 cores was Supreme Commander, and even that was only on larger maps, against 5+ computer opponents, with each one having hundreds of units in operation at one time. There are a couple other games out there that can use four cores, but it's low usage, and dual-cores are still more than adequate unless you've got a serious multi-GPU setup.

So yeah... I'll second what Charlie said about the video card. With many recent games, especially at higher resolutions (especially if you've got a 24" monitor), 320MB of video memory just doesn't quite cut it anymore. Aside from being overall faster, the newer cards' 512MB of RAM is significant improvement as well.

Having said all that... feel free to clock that CPU higher anyway.
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