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My System Specs


Reading your post it would seem we are of 'like mind' when it comes to viewing media. I'll just copy and paste a post I wrote in a similar thread.

All the suggestions above are fine, but if you have a discerning eye and want movies to look exactly as they should as well the best monitor for gaming, go with a PANASONIC PLASMA, GT30 Model or better.

Nothing out there touches these. Period. I've drank the Kool-aid and went LCD/LED. 120hz, 240hz (and it's not even true 120hz, do your research) can't stand them. 2ms and I hate gaming on them, I notice the refresh rate.

Can't believe I thought I was 'taking a chance' when I went Plasma.

Samsung makes ok Plasmas, but they should spend less $$ on designers and more on engineers.

Panasonic has been the unofficial 'King' of Plasma for years. And we should start seeing some Pioneer parts in them now that Pioneer has bowed out of making Plasma's but has a deal to supply Panny with parts.

I suggest the Panasonic GT30 or better b/c of Picture Quality, 3D, extra's (USB etc) and they have improved aesthetics over previous models.

Burn in?? NO. A wise Plasma owner will still do a 150 hour 'break in' when they first get it so the Phosphors harden (also why new Plasma's burn hotter than a broken in one) making burn in highly unlikely, unless you actually try to.

I was high on T3's after a surgery and was playing Fallout New Vegas for 12 hours straight. Thats 12 hours with strong static images on the screen, no burn in, some image retention for a while, that's it. (image retention is similar as when turning off a tube TV that's been on a static image for a while, on the blank screen you can still kinda see it.)

Plasma- Colours, colours, colours.

600hz sub-field drive.

The best lcd/led is what, 240hz? And it's not even a true 240. The new Samsung 120hz 'Auto Motion-Plus' drives me nuts, all it does it recreate a Digital Frame in between two original frames to reduce motion blur (which it does) but the result is that it removes the 'polished movie look', making everything look like it was filmed with a cheap-ass camcorder. Think British TV show quality.

Once you go over 37" forget about lcd/led (same shit, just different backlighting system)
PS: If you like a bright display (as I do) use the 'Vivid' option instead of Theater.

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