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i know the article says the "stuck" frames are less of an issue than the "jitter", But I would argue that if the frame "sticks" often enough (maybe ever 30 sec to minuite or worse if more) this would deter me from buying a card as I have experienced this on a HD 5770 in my old rig.
And although in no way conclusive or tested near thoroughly enough i noticed it was far more prevalent on the AMD cards rather than the nvidia ones through out the graphs.

However, I'm glad to see this brought up here, as I always think minimum FPS is far more important than max / average. Stuttering or "jitter" is equally important and IMO "stuck" frames are a high priority too.
Some sort of testing along the lines of the graphss (not the percentile charts as they don't show the stuck frames well IMO and as mentioned in the article have certain problems) would, if not tooo much extra work, be a welcome addition.
That said it's very conditional to the segment that is chosen to show the data from and a full graph for a full test would be huge (mebby linked to rather than embedded, or a scroll box).

Anyway.. good article, worth a read and some thought.
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