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I agree.... this is so bad....

Apart from how they completely screwed up their UI, it feels just like windows 7. A really clunky windows 7. I cant help but notice that everything is made for fingers..... didn't they say that their new touch support would interfere with regular computing a few months back... that's a joke.

Unless there is something that will really help me, I see no reason to upgrade. Even if you can disable that start screen, and get a regular start menu, I don't need to spend $120 upgrading to something I like less, and am less efficient with.


Here is the problem for keyboard and mouse users, the start screen is meant for touch users, obviously, so K/M users are supposed to just start typing to get what they want. I dont like that. I would much rather press the start icon, press all programs, press program x folder, press program x. I have been doing this for many years. I am good at it, much better than I am at typing. Even after I type the program I want to use, I still have to move my mouse up most of the screen to get to it, whereas with the regular menu, it is up a few hundred pixels. I also have to remove my hand from the mouse before I can move it up the 1000 pixels to the program. Really, it is just slow for K/M users.

Edit x2:

Some people have been saying that using a mouse to navigate the start menu is wrong, well, it isn't. I have access to everything from my computer, control panel, documents, and programs in a 250 x 800 pixel box. I don't like having to use a 1920x1080 start menu..... I think that people who think their windows key + typing is faster, or using touch controls will like this.

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