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Yes I'm using the analog outs from the soundcard connected to the reciever with the mini jack to RCA y cables including one for the CC/LFE. The receiver is set to 6ch direct in, so it's basically just an amp with no signal processing with the exception of volume.

In the driver window I have a choice of 4ch/6ch/8ch. When I select 6ch the little pictures representing the sub and CC appear. Clicking on a speaker icon sends a test signal to the associated speaker and the signal does go through to the sub so it appears everything downstream of the soundcard is setup as it should be. I haven't had a chance to look into this since but I don't recall seeing an option for a virtual CC, though the card seems to be doing it anyway since there doesn't seem to be anything missing (like dialog). My last setup used digital coax to the receiver and a couple times when I accidentally enabled the CC you could hear all the surrounding noise but zero dialog - unless it was coming from off screen. So the soundcard seem to be 'stuck' in 4ch mode regardless of where I set it on the processing side of things.

I don't want the sub kicking in for music, but thankfully it doesn't now anyway. In the last setup the receiver would automatically up mix 2ch audio to 5.1 which was very annoying. As for XO frequencies, well I don't really want to use any at the momment until I do a little more testing at least. I don't ever get a chance to crank it so my mains and surrounds can handle the low frequency content at my levels. Once I get the LFE channel passing through to the sub amp I may then decide to add in the low frequency content from the from the other channels... just because my mains can handle a 20Hz signal doesn't mean they can produce it.

But that brings up some questions. I wonder if the XO frequency set in the "bass handling section" of the driver screen affects the LFE channel as well, or just the remaining 5ch.? For example of I set it to 50Hz will the sub out of the sound card consist of the LFE channel (3Hz to 120Hz) + the 50Hz and down content of the remaining 5 ch. or will it lowpass the LFE channel as well at 50Hz.?

I'm not really very familiar with the different encoding standards so I'm not sure what standard is used on blurays. I suppose I should look into that to even see if a LFE channel is present in the first place to be passed to the sub amp. FWIW I did try setting up the bass management to divert some bass away from the mains and send it to the sub and still I got no output from the sub though TBH I can't say it sounded like it highpassed the signal going to the mains either. I'll have to do some playing when I get some time.
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