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Ok !!

Update time.

I have my first corporate sponsor for the thinktank 2.0

I'd like to thank a good friend of mine , Rob (cls||Grinder) for sponsoring me. !

Just right computers out of Calgary has bought me a motherboard.So the parts list is closer.

Mobo: asus p5k SE
Ram : mushkin pc2 8000 xp2 extreme redline
PSU : corsair 520 HX
CPU : Intel e6600

video is yet to be determined......


I have started serious canvassing to find the 1 inch and 1.25 inch copper tube.....

The pump is up in the air.

I may need to make it.

more soon....

Supermicro X11DPi-NT:2x Xeon Gold 6144's:Lots more other stuff.Dual 4k monitor video .