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It looks like you're using analogue out from your soundcard to your receiver.

You have 4 channels + a dedicated sub connected to your receiver.

I assume you're using stereo mini jack to RCA Y-cables for the front output from your soundcard to the front input on your receiver. Ditto for the surround channels. If you want the LFE to work you have to do the same with the C/LFE output on your soundcard and connect to the Centre/LFE input on your receiver. Set your soundcard's out put to 4.1 and you should be able to utilize the proper LFE channel for Blu-Rays/AC3/DTS etc.

You should still hear the centre track just fine in 4.1 mode, in fact some audiophiles actually prefer this as it's hard to sometimes get a high enough quality centre channel speaker to match expensive front channel speakers.


Er I just realized the above might be useless info to you. Anyway, the LFE track is only used in audio tracks encoded in AC3/DTS etc formats.

When listening to music the subwoofer kicks in and fills in the lower frequency sounds that are at or below your crossover frequency as set in your AVR (probably ideal to set this in your soundcard settings as well).
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