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Default Advice on a new 46"+ TV

As some of you already know, I'm going through a split right now, which means I'm going to be moving and 'restarting' as it were. Due to this, I'll be rebuilding a lot of my home theatre and such from scratch. The bad news is, I have to buy new stuff... The good news is that I get to buy new stuff! (Silver linings)

So... on to the grit! Several years back I bought a 37" LCD Panasonic Viera (Thanks again Infinity! That TV is still AMAZING!) and I've been in love with it ever since. But now, with opportunity knocking, I'd like to buy something bigger. I'm thinking I'll go at LEAST 46" this time around. But I'd like to keep it under the $1000 mark if possible. I figure that's doable since I see some damn nice, brand name 50" TV's at WalMart for around the $700 all the time.

I have a few caveats:

~ I'd like to stick to LCD rather than Plasma. I like the brightness of LCD, colour depth always seems better on LCD, and they're significantly lighter, making an appropriate stand/mount easier to find. However, if the product is solid and the price is right, I'm not blind to the thought of Plasma.

~ I would prefer to stay away from LED back-lighting unless someone knows of an EXCELLENT option. I've always found that LED appears to give off a 'washed out' or duller colour reproduction. Not sure if that's just me, or just the early release LED's I've seen, but I've been less than impressed.

~ I do NOT want a 120Hz refresh rate! This is a no-compromise decision for me. I can't stand this technology when it comes to watching movies! I find that it actually detracts from the special effects, and gives high quality blu-rays a 'home movie' feel. I shouldn't be able to look at special effects and see that there's obvious CG involved, but with 120Hz 'true motion' I can. I've seen it on many TV's, and I've hated it every time. I just lose the immersion I want in my movies. Granted that the technology makes gaming much better, but that's only going to be about 15% of the TV's use at most. Sometimes 'too much clarity' is a bad thing.

~ Not sure it even needs to be said, but 1080p is a must.

Hopefully someone has some good suggestions on TV's for a good price. Also, where to buy them would be appreciated as well. I live in the Vancouver area, and have no qualms about buying from a smaller store if the deal is right, or even online if shipping doesn't destroy the price. Also worth noting is that I get free extended warranty coverage through Dell if I order through my company. Although their pricing has always seemed a tad high to me for TV's.

As a starting point, here's some TV's I'm looking at right now:

LG 47LV3500 - 47" LCD 1080p - $898
LG 47" Class 1080p LED TV (47LV3500) - 793275 - Walmart Canada - Save Money Live Better.

LG 47LK450 - 47" LCD 1080p - $690
Costco - LG® 47LK450 47-in. 1080p LCD HDTV**

Sony KDL-46BX421 - 46" LCD 1080p - $849
Costco - Sony® KDL-46BX421 46-in. 1080p LCD HDTV**

Samsung LN46D550K1FXZC - 46" LCD 1080p - $599
Samsung 46" 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV (LN46D550K1FXZC) : 40" - 49" LCD TVs - Best Buy Canada

Panasonic TCP50X3 - 50" Plasma 1080p - $699
Panasonic 50" Plasma HDTV (TCP50X3) : 50" - 59" Plasma TVs - Best Buy Canada

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