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I just got a Sabertooth Tuf 990FX AM3+ board for 130 dollars, which I can throw my phenom II in until dozer. So for under 200 I get off my old AM2+ platform. Would have cost over 400 to get a i5 and a decent SLI board.

Hopefully encouraging what I just did isn't the whole of AMDs business model. But in the end if bulldozer really is the suck I just wasted 130 bucks on a fun board to play with.

The upgrade path has been really well made on the AMD side, I get a M2N SLI AM2 board with a 6400+ on sale initially, think I paid 180 for both, then with a bios upgrade the board supports AM3 95W processors, so I upgrade to a phenom II 945 3.0ghz for like a 120 dollars, then I upgrade to a AM3+ board for a 130 more. And if bulldozer isn't the total suck they might end up getting another 200-300 out of me.

I dunno they've kept me reasonably up to date for far less than if I had initially bought a core 2 duo system than had to completely throw it out for a i5/i7 system.

I'm really hoping it fairs decently with adobe products
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