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I checked and it does look like my Corsair HX520W has two PCI-e power connectors on the PSU! So, I don't need anything then?

I wonder why when I was researching, googling uncovered discussions of needing a molex connector for this power supply to power 460/560 cards. Maybe they wanted to use them in SLI? I guess I'm confused.

Anyway, comparing Intel and AMD choices, I was thinking of this comparison:

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T BE - $170
AMD 990FX mobo - $150 (cheapest)

$170 + $150 = $320

i5-2500K - $210
H67 mobo - $65 (cheapest)
or Z68 - $120 (cheapest)

$210 + $120 = $330

I think the intel solution is the better deal. The question is what is coming with bulldozer and whether ivybridge processors would be compabible with the 1155 motherboard. ???

I do acknowledge the motherboard choices are cheaper and better specs/features for the price with AMD FX990 motherboards compared to prices of the Intel mobo to get the same. But, not by a lot. Once you get into $150-ish boards, the gap gets closer. However, the Intel cpu is $40 more but considerably faster.
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