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Originally Posted by MARSTG View Post
Probably the PhII X6 does the same job with 6 cores as the 2500k with 4, which clearly shows who is more efficient. But do you really care about that? Running Virtual Machines however will advantage the PhII as it has more cores, and if you do that you would need some more ram of course. I have to agree with moocow, either get more ram and keep the platform you have or you go all out for something that would really make a difference.
If I went AMD, I should probably get a AM3+ mobo then, right?

I don't know anything about the AMD stuff or what you need but a little searching seems to indicate one would want a 990X or 990FX AM3+ mobo which would allow upgrading to bulldozer later on?

It seems the cheapest board is then $160.

So, Phenom II X4 955 is $110 to PhII X6 1100T $190 are potential choices. This seems only slightly cheaper than i5-2500k system and the Intel is much faster and cooler running. There's not much known about bulldozer, too, which is another negative.

Do most P67 motherboards take ivybridge, just curious? The AMD route might be more upgradeable but then the same story that most ppl just end up switching to a brand new system. Although, being a bit future proof would result in some savings if you are just switching processors before another major upgrade.
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