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My System Specs


Originally Posted by test tube View Post
It depends on the model, since OCZ themselves doesn't make the PSUs... Z-series are Sirtec (like the PC&P Silencer Mk. II) and great PSUs, StealthXStream II is FSP, Fatal1ty is Sirtec.

Corsair builder series is CWT, a bunch of the TXs are CWT, some of the Corsair PSUs are also Seasonic... a branding like Corsair or OCZ is not an OEM, they are the resellers.,2913-4.html
Yes but Corsair has their own Engineering side that tweaks and adjust designs to their whim. All companies do in fact. Take the seasonic Platform that Artic Cooling butchered. They turned what was a great platfrom into a crap one, just like that..
So although OEMs may stay the same for some there are always differences.

Sirtec and FSP don't have the best track records either, not by a long shot.

There is a reason why CWT / Seasonic / Delta (espically Delta, look at Dell and HP) are the sought after OEMs, and now that Superflower is getting its head in the game, they are leading even the vaunted Seasonic.

OCZ has a lot to learn in the market if they want to win support. There dissolution of PC&P also caused huge ripples with the Enthusiast market too..

Thank you Ilya by the way for getting more detailed than I had time to in this discussion on those surveys.


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