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Thanks a ton Andy, well the reason for going with WMC is because it is a requirement of the tuner card and seems like a simple solution. I have no experience with the current XBMC, only the version that was installed on modded xbox 1s and that wasn't too difficult to customize, then again I'm sure it's progressed since. If there is linux support for the Ceton tuner card I'd consider that as it would surely be cost effective.

The average price on the Ceton tuner card is around $300 usd, so that would leave me with about 500-600 to buy parts, including win 7 os. Beginning to wonder if I can get this done on this budget. Comparable AMD CPUs tend to be less expensive, maybe I'll need to go that route to make it happen. Might have to wait and see if some lowered pricing occurs after Bulldozer ships.

Any thoughts on the Thermaltake power supply on hand?
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