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Originally Posted by MARSTG View Post
with H67 you don't have access to modify the multiplier of the 2500k, so is kinda nonsense. P67 or Z68. keep your 7950, it trumps the HD3000 anytime. Just moving to DDR3 for the sake of DDR3 is not a wise move, what are you doing with that machine?. If you have limitations on the system they come from other components. I would also keep the case and the PSU. Price wise you will have to spend 250$ just on cpu and ram. Kinda expensive your upgrade and you don't really get into budget, But again, depends what do you do on that platform? you really need 4 real cores? Because the only activities I can think of to scale very well with the number of cores are rendering, video transcoding and ...ummm, folding. And for all of them you could get a cheaper Phenom II X6 BE which would do fine. Not to mention also the cheaper mobos for it.
I thought of that.

Noticed a good deal on newegg for some AMD 880 motherboards but to be honest, I am not as up to date on AMD hardware so I have no idea which ones to get if I went that route.

The other major reason I choose Intel and i5-2xxx is because of the superior efficiency with regards to temps and power consumption. Imho, AMD doesn't come close comparatively speaking. For e.g., i5-24xx or i5-25-- processor v.s. comparable AMD processor (Phenom II X4 or X6?), it is not very close, I believe. The intel cpu outperforms on benchmarks while running at less power and temps. Unless I perceived something wrong, I believe even HWC benchmarks comparing the two displayed this result?

But, you are right, part for part, AMD is still an inviting option for price reasons.

The reason I want four cores is I intend to run a virtual machine. I believe it will benefit from the extra cores and extra RAM. I just don't want to invest in any more DDR2 RAM (I have 4GB) and moving to DDR3 lets me move to 16 if I want.

I am not sure if the benefit is worth the cost but it would be nice to do. :)
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