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In the case of PSU's, hating a "model" is often the same as hating a "brand." The way a company does business reflects into the quality of their products. OCZ is a prime example and that's why there is so much dislike for them here. They're a company that's too concerned over their performance numbers and try to innovate too aggressively. They bring out new technologies faster than the competition, but get burned when they realized most of these technologies aren't mature yet. (25nm vs 32nm scandal was a prime example)
It depends on the model, since OCZ themselves doesn't make the PSUs... Z-series are Sirtec (like the PC&P Silencer Mk. II) and great PSUs, StealthXStream II is FSP, Fatal1ty is Sirtec.

Corsair builder series is CWT, a bunch of the TXs are CWT, some of the Corsair PSUs are also Seasonic... a branding like Corsair or OCZ is not an OEM, they are the resellers.,2913-4.html
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