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Originally Posted by test tube View Post
Failure rates of Corsair PSUs, especially some models, are a lot higher than most people think as well: Components returns rates (page 3: Power supplies) - BeHardware

The bottom line with power supplies is don't hate a brand, hate a model.
In the case of PSU's, hating a "model" is often the same as hating a "brand." The way a company does business reflects into the quality of their products. OCZ is a prime example and that's why there is so much dislike for them here. They're a company that's too concerned over their performance numbers and try to innovate too aggressively. They bring out new technologies faster than the competition, but get burned when they realized most of these technologies aren't mature yet. (25nm vs 32nm scandal was a prime example)

Also, this study is a poor way to indicate PSU quality. Way too many problems with that study, not that I disagree that Antec units are among the most reliable.

1. The study is extremely misleading, the statistics given are from a single French distributor. (albeit a large one, but only in France )

2. These are return rates, NOT failure rates. No indications whatsoever for the reason of return. It could be anything unrelated to a failure or a DOA.

3. These statistics only include returns made within the distributor's warranty period and RMA's outsourced to the distributor which don't include direct RMA's with the manufacturers.

4. Compare your study which lists Seasonic as the biggest offender to this more current version of the same study: Components returns rates (page 3: Power supplies) - BeHardware

Seasonic rockets up the charts while they barely released any new models in the time period between the studies. Why is this? Probably because of the X series and the fact that they are semi passive. I have heard of countless stories of clueless customers returning X series power supplies because the fan didn't spin or the unit came without a fan. This is despite the countless labels and warnings that indicate this is normal. Time goes on and most of these customers learn that it's normal and Seasonic continues producing the same high quality products.

5. Referring back to the linked version of the study, the Coolermaster Elite Power 400W scores a return rate of 0.2%, placing it among the highest of all PSUs in the study. That particular unit is more accurately considered a 300W unit. (only rated for 276W on the 12v rail) And yet the FSP Saga 400W that's an actual 400W of the same platform has a 0.9% return rate. So did CM lower failure rates by selling their unit as a higher end model? Nope, if you look at the pricing the CM equivalent is often cheaper than the original FSP. So chances are they're being used in low power office PC builds that barely ever get loaded past 150W. In that case they wouldn't be likely to fail, but no way is that an indication of quality.

The reasons go on, but I'm honestly not going to get into them. Bottom line is professional PSU reviews are a much better indicator of quality than return rates.
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