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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
\TestTube - That Table is very old and not reliable. Corsair might get a higher Failure rate only because they sell on average 3-4x as many units as the others. Its all volume.

Seller volume should not have a lot to do with return rates when they are listed as a percentage of units sold. If you sell 100 units and 2 fail or if you sell 1000 units and 20 fail, it's still 2%.

As far as the age of the table,
"The returns rates given concern the products sold between October 1st 2009 and April 1st 2010 for returns made before October 2010, namely after between 6 months and a year of use. The statistics by manufacturer are based on a minimum sample of 500 sales, those by model on a minimum sample of 100 sales."

Up to a year ago isn't really that old...
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