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Originally Posted by Jackquelegs View Post
Sorry I thought it was sufficient. Just says LFE is not a channel based sound enhancement, more like add XXdB of bass to whatever it's hooked up to
Haha, OK I get it. I should've done my own my own homework before taking the easy way out and asking here first. So I'm not denying I should be made fun of. Shoulda seen it coming with that first quote - you had me brewing on it all day on some random quote that had nothing to do with what I was asking.

Just going to clear it up as someone else might read this and be thrown for a loop, then you can continue messing with me.

The LFE channel is exactly a channel (according to the wiki and other sources I've read) designed to enhance or supplement (i'm going to consider those synonyms for this discussion) the bass content content of the other channels. It is not a channel where bass content is just added and sent out to 'what ever it's hooked up to'. The bass management system, be it receiver or otherwise creates a "subwoofer out" signal by adding the LFE channel + the content selected from the other channels. For example if you set the other speakers to small and set the XO frequency at 100Hz the "subwoofer out" will add the LFE channel content plus the sub 100Hz content from the selected channels.

Originally Posted by Jackquelegs View Post
Good luck with your setup, but I have a feeling it's not LFE that's causing this
There was your give-a-way because the LFE is the exact problem! And that's what I'm enquiring about.

In all honesty, thanks! It made me do my own research to find out what's what, which I fully admit I should have done in the first place. I'll know better next time. So continue flogging...

Though I still have to find out why the sound card is not passing along the LFE channel....
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