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Originally Posted by mo' power View Post
The chairman and CEO of Crytec states that even 2yr old pc's will run crysis. Even though the requirements haven't been released yet, as far as max settings go, I'm guessing with another gig of ram and another 7600gt, I can probably play on DX9 max settings. Total cost by the time it's released, about $200-$300. If I want to play on DX10 max settings, 2 current 8800*** DX10 cards will probably work and cost in the neighborhood of $400-$800+ vista premium and that's an overestimated price. I'm sure that future DX10 cards will be cheaper than the current cards. I may be wrong, but don't believe the hype that you will need a super-duper uber pc to run crysis at max settings in DX10.

Let's see if some of the uber-dudes on this board will jump in and alay our fears.
I read somewhere that 7600 gt in sli are are not quite equal to a single 7900 gt , go figure. As for Crysis,who wouldn't want to be up for that,I mean its got wow factor all over it.I watched a youtube of the developer being interviewed, dude said theres more data in just one tree in Crysis than a complete copy of Far Cry , which they also made.
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