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Default 3D Benchmarks Powered by Corsair Dominator PC3-14400: HIS HD3870X2

I started off easy with a single HD3870X2 in the 790i board. Yes, I will probably be burned at the stake over at green camp for benching with a red GPU in the NVIDIA board but it handled it quite well when all was said and done.

click all images and screenshots for full size...

AquaMark3 :: 307705 (PB) @ 5031MHz 945MHz//1017MHz

3DMark 03 :: 74838 @ 4995MHz 918MHz//1017MHz

3DMark 05 :: 32339 @ 4950MHz 891MHz//999MHz

3DMark 06 :: 21112 @ 4950MHz 918MHz//999MHz

Then it was time to see what these Dominators could make some NVIDIA cards do in this wonderful setup.
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