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Default Benchmark Overclocking...Not 24/7 Stable or Recommended for Daily Use

Max RAM Frequency w/Corsair Dominator PC3-14400 - CPU-Z Validation :: 1100MHz
click for validation page...

Naturally it took a bit of effort and vDIMM set to 2.125v (2.1v ish actual) to get the magic 1100MHz validation but I managed. I tried getting Everest but it was a no go so this frequency is extremely un-stable. Once I get some more vmods done to the board and increase vDIMM, I am sure I can get 1100MHz benchable with this kit and others. Heck, loosening timings up could make a world of difference...but 8-7-6 at this frequency would be so much nicer. Mmmmm, 550*9 1:2 1100MHz 8-7-6 with P1/P2 enabled :D

Max RAM Frequency w/Corsair Dominator PC3-14400 - 1M SPi :: 1086.0MHz
click for full size...

A bit of a drop off from the max CPU-Z and I was actually able to get a 1090MHz 1M done but when trying to run Everest bandwidth the system would reboot. Next up is single 32M and then an abbreviated dual 32M SPi OC Report on this kit of memory.

Max RAM Frequency w/Corsair Dominator PC3-14400 - 32M SPi :: 1070.1MHz
click for full size...

Only 2.153v (actual) was used because more voltage didn't help. I am finding that perhaps the vDIMM circuit on this board is a little weak at higher voltages because there seems to be stability issues going over 2.200v set in the BIOS. It could just be this kit of memory as well so further testing will be needed. I will try a few other kits and if the same results are found, then it will be Maximizer time for this board.

Dual 32M SPi OC Report w/Corsair Dominator PC3-14400
As mentioned, this is an abbreviated session since time is constrained but it gets the general view of how this board clocks memory as far as dual 32M is concerned. In the future, I am sure I will be using this board for other memory OC Reports and will either post the results directly here or a link to the thread.

Dual 32M at 1060MHz with only 2.102v is a mighty fine accomplishment and 960MHz at 7-6-5 is pretty decent as well. As we saw in the full review, stability at CL7 was much lower. I am still not sure what the issue is here but hopefully it is something to be sorted because although dual 32M SPi is not a complete sign of generally is close. Closer than this kit on this motherboard anyway. Here are the screenshots, from left to right...

6-6-5 @ 830MHz // 7-6-5 @ 960MHz // 8-7-6 @ 1060MHz
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