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Originally Posted by biff View Post
Just put in a Auzentech X-Meridian into my HTPC and was playing with the setup. I'm using the analog outs to a receiver that is set to 6ch direct - basically it's now just an amp with volume control. For speakers I essentially have a 4.1 setup, as in mains, surrounds, and a sub - no center channel speaker.

When I set the sound card to "4 speakers" and play a BD I get what I expect, surround with full bass to each speaker. When I set the soundcard to "6 Speakers" I get the same output. I would have expected to lose most or all dialog since that should now be sent to a CC that isn't there and I would expect to get something out of the subs but this doesn't happen either.

So I guess just part of my troubleshooting I need to know if the LFE is indeed a separate recorded channel that exists in the sound track or is it derived from the L/R front channels or a sum of all 5 channels?
LFE is a separate channel and a lot of receivers or subwoofers have a specific spot to hook up the cables for this.
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