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Default Further Speculative specs on Radeon 7 series cards

I am not shure if its the same site that was removed yesterday so I will post the link & sky or whomever can edit it if its not accepable.

AMD's Next Generation 28nm HD7000 Series (Southern Islands) Graphics card Specs Leaked

Here is the suposive breakdown/stats of the new series according to linked site listed:

Top tier:

HD 7990: 2 x 7970/7950's

HD 7970: 256bit/1000MHz/32CUs/2048ALUs/128TMUs/64ROPs/XDR2 8.0Gbps 256GB/S/2GB Memory/190W TDP

HD 7950: 256bit/900MHz/30CUs/1920ALUs/120TMUs/64ROPs/XDR2 7.2Gbps 230GB/S/2GB Memory/150W TDP


HD 7870: 950MHz/24SIMDs/1536ALUs/96TMUs/32ROPs/256bit GDDR5 5.8Gbps 186GB/S /2GB/120W TDP

HD 7850: 850MHz/22SIMDs/1408ALUs/88TMUs/32ROPs/256bit GDDR5 5.2Gbps 166GB/S /2GB/90W TDP

Entry level:

HD 7670: 900MHz/12SIMDs/768ALUs/48TMUs/16ROPs/128bit/GDDR5 5.0Gbps 80GB/S /1GB/60W TDP

HD 7570: 750MHz/12SIMDs/768ALUs/48TMUs/16ROPs/128bit GDDR5 4.0Gbps 64GB/s/1GB/50W TDP

Take it for what its worth, but does sound more "realistic" based on current 6 series cards.
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