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My System Specs


Off the top of my head ... something like this.
  • Intel Core i5 2500K
  • Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H
  • Any 4Gb kit. RAM these days is dirt cheap.
  • 6850 if you're an ATI fan (or I guess it's AMD now) Or a similarly priced 550 for nVidia
  • 650W Corsair PSU
  • 250Gb Momentus XT Hybrid drive if a SSD is out of your reach. I use these all the time for HTPC's.

This should put you around the $700 mark if you price match everything. I have no knowledge about tuner cards so hopefully someone else can chime in on that. This is too much power for just an HTPC but you mentioned some gaming so the quad should help out there.

Any reason you are using WMC? I can't stand it ... the lack of customization and IMO ugly interface. Personally I use XBMC. It can be customized ... well endlessly and can look awesome. Would run smooth as butter on the above system. It definitely has a bit of a learning curve though.

What does everyone think? I haven't build a HTPC for six months now so I may be off with the current gen of parts. I've got two budget builds coming up for family members in the next two months so i'm interested in hearing alternatives.
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