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My System Specs

Default PNY warranty: experience?

Looks like my 5 month old 560Ti might be on the fritz. I fire up the system tonight and it won't boot past the black screen with spinning Win7 logo.
1. I try reboot to safe mode, won't even bring up the menu but rather gives me the menu to repair or boot normally.
2. I try the repair option, menu appears, searches for problems, attempts repair, and seems to hang there, hdd light not blinking.
3. Reboot to bios, check settings and autodetection, looks ok.
4. Reboot, try for safe mode, no luck, same result as 1.
5. Reboot with win7 dvd in drive, boots from dvd, attempt repair, hangs again, right near what is probably the end of the repairing progress bar. Up to now I'm suspecting my boot sector of the drive.
6. Install old 80gb drive, attempt to install win7 to it. Full install goes ok until it reboots and tries to detect "video performance" and hangs there. I press esc, ctrl alt del,... enter, ....esc, then finally the next window to enter a user name appears, but VERY sluggish. I shut it down.

I was thinking it's worth a call to PNY and see what they say, I don't have a spare card to try. Anyone have PNY warranty experience? I doubt my system is fixable without trying another vid card (?).

[anyone around ottawa have a spare card they don't need that's sitting around? PM me and I'll come pick it up if I'm sending mine out]

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