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Avoid the 550 like the plague dude unless you are really on a tight budget. For $1300 there's no way you should be considering the 550Ti. It literally runs some games at half the framerate of the 560Ti. SLI is overrated for the mid range cards. by the time the drivers catch up to the games a better single card comes out. That being said, the drivers for the 460 in SLI make THAT a great choice if you can get them cheap enough.

If you are going to OC your card, then get the ASUS DC II's versus the DC or DC TOP. The heat dispersion and dissipation on those cards are great.

If you really want to save $50 then go for the GTX560 and OC it. The ASUS ENGTX560 DCII OC is quite simply a monster when OC'd beyond the factory defaults.
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