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Originally Posted by nasrott View Post
watch the fins on your exhaust fan there not very strong, broke mine fisrt time in the case with the power on like. In your setup would have still removed the top fan and placed your rad there, like I did on the h100. Am impressed your getting 35 with p95, your not overclocking your amd?
Yeah, it's not that impressive, I'm not actually overclocking.
I'm not real sure what you mean by the fins braking;
are you talking about the 14cm Level10 case fan?
'cause mine's fine, maybe you got a bad one, sorry and... may the needless taunting beginulate.

Originally Posted by techman95 View Post
why does having a am3 socket with a 1090t make you poor? i just bought a 1090t to replace my first gen phenom ii x4 925. its pretty darn fast, hell i even render on mine again. i just got tired of waiting for bulldozer. but any way how do you like the kuler?
Sorry, I was just making a small joke because of the expense of the i7 cpu compared to AMD, I actually love AMD and wish they'd take the fight back to Intel with a cpu designed to beat the i7 line up.
And, I thought Bulldozer became that socket FM1 thingy.
I really like Kuhler, But I think it's mostly designed for overclockers because it keeps my cpu needlessly cool (the cpu was happy at 62C with the stock cooler) and stability is too important to me for me to risk OCing.

Originally Posted by supaflyx3 View Post
im surprised that isnt heating your case up like crazy...
I'm guessing you noticed that the air is going passed the radiator and into the case.
I figured I'd test this first and if it was a problem I'd rotate the fans to force air out instead.
Fortunately it all seems to be working fine.

Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
AM3's are generally very tame and cool chips. Even with a heavy OC. That setup would work reasonable well, perhaps a minor increase but nothing major. Nice look, love the PSU though.

The PSU is by superflower it has a beautiful picture of a butterfly on it, which is the only reason why I purchased it.

Anyway, I just wanted to show how neat everything looks with the radiator mounted at the bottom of the case and I feel that I've... um... accomplished that.
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