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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
I hope you didn't increase the voltage delivered to your ram, you should not be running it over 1.65V for the most part.

To my knowledge your chip is locked at the x25 multiplier, however the blk is not locked (no one's is), running at a lower multiplier and a higher blk can usually allow you to hit more stable overclocks at lower vcore voltages.

Example would be running at 4GHz by doing x20 multiplier and 200 blk.

yes, thank you. I thought a "locked" cpu would be locked at a specific multiplier like x25
but im at 200x21 right now, and rock stable with Vcore 1.275, Dram voltage is set to 1.64 (to avoid warning)
and it is fine.

The Problem with getting my Dram from 1600mhz to 2000mhz was in the timing, it kept auto changing my dimm timing to 7-7-7-20 and it wouldnt boot. i changed it to 9-9-9-24 it booted but froze at windows logo loading screen, so i changed it to 9-10-9-27 and it works amazing now.

so im curious how can i be at 200x21 with a locked cpu? i guess im locked at a maximum mulitplier of 25x
or some sort of range, like x20-x25. if anyone knows please respond.

I have run this OC with Prime95 & Realtemp's sensor test, and these were the results.
looks pretty good to me for air cooled, and only 3 fans in my case. (6 including the gpu, and 2 cpu fans)
pushing +0.9Ghz but if any of you think otherwise please let me know.
no games or anything will raise my cpu to that level normally no? i'd expect average max to be 70%
Intel's site says this about the i7-980 "TCASE 68.8C" is that their recommended max temp?

Here is my current OC at 4.2ghz, Dram 2005Mhz

Overclock R3E, i7-980, 3.3ghz to 4.2ghz on air - YouTube

Thanks for the help.
and if anyone knows these an answer to these questions please let me know.

1: Do my OC settings look stable? they feel stable, but keep in mind this is my first time.

2: Intel lists this with the i7-980 on their site. "TCASE 68.8C" what does this mean? is it a recommended max temp to reach? my temps maxed at around 74C-77C with 100% use on 12 threads, is this bad? i thought below 80C-90C was decent, anything above 90C-100C is bad!

3: Will my CPU ever even reach 100% on normal applications/games?
I run Lotro at everything Maxed DX11 with 1920x1080, i hit 60-130fps (depending on where in game i am) and my cpu only uses 5-20% usage

4: Is this OC ok for 24/7? will my parts degrade much faster?

Thank you all for any information, it helps me learn a lot.

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