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Originally Posted by grinder View Post
I'm experienced in linux, but am not a nix "head" so take my post with a grain of salt.

I see more large volume arrays formatted with EXT3 (seems popular?). I don't see why XFS would have a major impact on your performance tho...

RAID performance on a hardware card will be less than optimal until the card has had a chance to perform a FULL initialization on the array.

I'm afraid that anyone who has recommended a software raid solution has not experienced a quality $500 raid card =(
I have been using ext3 for all my other volumes, and it never gave any issues. I guess wanted to try out and see how xfs fares - probably will switch it to ext3 when I get a chance.

The card was set up over a year ago, so it definitely has fully initialized ages ago. The raid utility claims that everything should be fine and dandy, but somehow I'm a little skeptical of that. Will see if using a different file system will help, the problem of course is finding temporary storage to offload the content of that volume to be able to reformat it :(.
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