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The heat sink covers the AMD A75 chipset.
Despite its small volume, the BIOSTAR heat sink appears to have better texture.

The heat sink in the power supply uses eye-catching colors. The design makes heat dissipation conveniently larger.

BIOS home screen

O.N.E. debugging page
The CPU Clock is one of the key points of overclocking. If the HDD/SSD on the SATA device is powerful enough, it could reach 140~155MHz.
The IGD Clock Control adjusts GPU frequency, but increasing the frequency doesn’t help 3D performance.

To start from the Core FID is recommended followed by a reduction of the CPU frequency multiplication and an increase in the external frequency of the CPU;
these would result in a wide overclocking range.

Voltage page
APU-Core Over Voltage +0.050~1.450V
APU-NB Over Voltage +0.050~0.200V
DDR Memory Over Voltage -0.400~+0.450V(BIOS data 1.596V)
APU DDR-PHY/PCI-E Over Voltage +0.010~0.450V
FCH Over Voltage +0.010~0.450V

DRAM parameter settings
The most efficient way to improve the 3D performance of the Llano APU is to increase the frequency of the DDR3.
To increase the external frequency of the CPU, it is recommended to first set the DDR3 at 1066/1333.

More advanced DDR3 parameter options

PC Health Status

So far, the A75 overclocking has two internal display GPU methods.
One is by taking the default CPU value and setting the DDR3 at 1600 or 1866 operation.
The other is by reducing the CPU frequency multiplication and the DDR3 frequency, followed by increasing the CPU external frequency to achieve the main purpose.
The former is a simple and stable overclocking method while the latter is for users who want to explore the CPU/DDR3/GPU performance limits.
The BIOS setting mentioned above applies the latter’s overclocking method.
It took me quite some time to achieve this setting.

Test platform
CPU: AMD A8-3850
VGA: AMD Radeon HD6550D
HD: WD3200BPVT 320GB
POWER: CORSAIR Builder Series CX430
Cooler: Thermaltake BigTyp 14Pro
OS: Windows7 Ultimate 64bit SP1
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