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Question Best way to set up a large RAID volume

I currently have a 6TB RAID5 array set up using a 3Ware raid card under Linux, formatted with XFS on it. I never really used XFS before that, but was told it should be good for good volumes, so I gave it a shot. It gets terribly slow and sometimes (rarely though) would freeze up completely. At times re-mounting the volume fixes it up, sometimes the issues reoccur right after remount, it's just kind of unstable. I might need to expand the capacity soon and was considering changing the set up at the same time to make it better.

It's hard for me to judge if the issues I'm having are due to the card, the file system, the hard disks, or the phases of the moon. Some people say that software RAID may be an even better choice than hardware, as is eliminates the potential for a buggy card messing stuff up. What would you recommend?

Keep in mind, I am looking to keep it running Linux.
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