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Default EVGA 550 SLi vs EVGA 560 TI

hi guys. i am new to this forum and i am in the process of building a new computer mainly for gaming purposes... problem is i am on a budget, the entire thing for approx 1200-1300$.

the main games i am planning on playing is the new BF3, and SW:TOR(mmorpg) and i would like to be able to play them with high graphics. now i know i may not be able to get the highest graphics possible because of my budget but i would like the opinion of the experts here

i was looking to get the EVGA 560 TI 1GB and SLI it a year or 2 later once the prices drop(maybe even get 3 cards in SLI) or should i go straight out of the gate with the evga 550 TI 1GB SLI?

will i get the graphics desired out of the 550 SLI? at the moment i found the 550 @ 140$/ea vs the 560 @ 250$.

any suggestions/comments?
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