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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
First off, you don't have to run the multipler at 25, you can lower it and increase the blk allowing you to fine tune what you want your ram to run at depending on the ratio. Also, you are going to need much more vCore or core voltage to hit that frequency and keep it stable. Try 1.3 or 1.275 vCore.
Excuse my ignorance, but arnt i7-980's locked at x25? or am i misunderstanding this.
is it locked at a max of x25? and thank you for the information.

and is it just the Vcore that looks a lil off?

*edit* I tried what you said, 1.3vcore, (its there now).. and i tried uping the Dram but no boot.
I tried keeping all same settings and changing to 200x20, and no boot.
so now im back to 164x25 with Dram 1644mhz
i've also noticed, little to no difference in the 3dmark11 Performance test, still p4220
i gave my gtx460 overclocked from 720/1440 1800/3600 to 850/1700 2000/4000

and Look at these comparisons, this is crazy my 3.3ghz scored same as my 4.1ghz OC..why?
Result the only thing i can think of is it's because my Dram is 1644Mhz when my cpu is 4.1Ghz (cant get it higher, why?)
But when my cpu is stock 3.3Ghz and Dram 2006Mhz i score the same? is this OC garbage? or is the Dram really making that much of a difference?

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