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Default Need help getting my R3E, i7-980 to 4.1ghz ram 2000mhz

Hello guys.

I'm new to the site, and overclocking in general so I thought i'd right a post, since I'm stumped right now.
Currently im running these parts
- Rampage III Extreme Asus MB (90-MIBC10-G0AAY00Z)
- Intel i7-980 3.33ghz 12mb L3 Cache (BX8061317980)
- CoolerMaster V10 Heatsink (RR-B2P-UV10-GP)
- one EVGA GTX 460 GFX Card (01G-P3-1370-TR)
- Corsair XMS3 12GB DDR3 2000MHZ Pro Ram (CMX12GX3M3A2000C9)
- Corsair tx850w Power supply (CMPSU-850TX)

i have my pc desk mod and parts video here PC Modded Desk - Amazing Upgrade - YouTube

Basically what my problem is, i've been trying all day to get a stable 4.1ghz with my ram at/close to 2000mhz, now keep in mind im on a locked i7-980 not the i7-980x. so im bound to a multiplier of 25

so far I got my cpu to 4.1ghz (164x25) but the problem is my ram. I can only get it too, 1644mhz.
there is an option for 1973mhz but my pc will not boot with that option.

here are some pics, if you know anything about my combined parts, and you think you have a fix.
Please let me know, like I said I'm new to this, so here are some questions.

are my power options to high or low?
What setting should i raise when i raise my ram's Mhz?
If my ram is tested for 2000mhz, would it be possible to select an option within 2000mhz-2200mhz?

When i try to set the Dram freq to 2000mhz it dosent work. what other settings should i be adjusting?

My Ram is SPD Speed 1333Mhz Tested Speed 2000Mhz ...SPD latency 9-9-9-24 Tested Latency 9-10-9-27

Any ideas? I am unsure what settings to adjust now.
Thanks guys

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