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My System Specs


Nice review Eldonko!

Please refresh my memory if it has already been done, but have you ever benchmarked the Killer NIC? I always thought of that NIC as a gimmick. I don't see how optimizations at the chip can possibly make a noticeable difference when you have to go through a 6+ foot cable, then a switch / router, and most importantly the Internet to get to a game server. I think a comparison between the following would be really interesting:
  • Motherboard with integrated Killer NIC
  • Separate Killer NIC
  • Cheapo motherboard's Realtek / Broadcom Gigabit NIC
  • Intel Desktop Gigabit NIC or other (non "Killer") NIC included with better motherboards
  • Server-class NIC on expansion card
I know this would be a bit difficult to benchmark - I'm thinking file transfers between SSDs over the network using FTP or something else with no encryption and evidently gaming benchmarks.

That said, it's obvious where I stand with the motherboard - I'm not paying extra for that Killer NIC. Give me a motherboard with an Intel NIC and $20 less on the price tag and maybe I'll consider it.
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