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Yes I'm waiting for Crysis although there is still no release date for the game as of yet
I've DL and watched the demo and it is absolutely amazing to say the least. Simply put it kicks the graphic level of the current playing field a solid one. Clouds have substance and are no longer static mist, the atmosphere changes to accentuate the time of day and you have real time shadow with natural and artificial light in detail down to a singular blade of grass. The game itself is no longer 2D but has actual 3D depth. Smoke travels and water is realistic to the point of having white caps and surf
When watching the demo of Adrianne in DX10 you can identify individual hairs, her eyebrows actually protrude from her forehead and are not simply painted on. You can also make out wrinkles and crows feet at the corner of her eyes and unbelievably see perspiration..the shader technology is incredible.
FEAR was a nice game but I don't think it can even compare to the crysis engine
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