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Default multiple questions - budget system or???

I have several questions...

Let's assume I can get $250 for my LGA775 system...

1) I was wondering whether I can get a cheap H67 mobo w/ i5-2500K and I'll swap out the mobo later. I really want to move to a DDR3 system so I am wondering what top speed I should go for... I guess that part of the question should be in the RAM category but the other part of the questions regard other components! :)

2) Also, I think I prefer an Asus mobo but MSI is acceptable. Any reason to consider other brands? Although, I think I should just go for the cheapest H67 board. The reason I'd pick H67 is to get the Intel graphics however I'd go for P67 but again, the cheapest board.... any thoughts?

3) the other idea I had was to sell my current P45 mobo and get a DDR3 LGA775 mobo but those motherboards have limitations on the DDR3 memory speed, right? The highest I've found is 1600.

Is $320 doable for this or is that too low?

I think I have $100 cash to play with to add to what I sell so if I can get $250 for my current system... I can probably do it?

The other components in my system are:

P45 Asus P5Q
4GB DD2 PC2-6400
Nvidia 7950GT
Corsair HX520W
Antec 300

But, if I sell the entire system, I need to buy the other stuff, PSU, case etc.

Should I just sell the mobo, RAM, cpu and video card, then? ????

Need some advice, guys!! :)

I know this budget amount sucks and is low compared to what is often posted here but I am saving up for a laptop, too... and other stuff. .... ugh!!!

What option is best and is most workable?
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