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Originally Posted by Varroa View Post
I am currently off contract with Rogers and looking to upgrade soon (stupid old Iphone 3G sucks balls). I took a look at all the new players (Mobility, Wind, Public, etc) and although their plans are great, their coverage sucks! I spend a lot of time outside their coverage zone so I can't see myself switching anytime soon. I also want a Galaxy Tab SII 4G and I only see Bell and Rogers being able to offer this phone (or one of their cheaper subsidiaries). Any ideas on a plan/provider guys?
If you are willing to sign a contract, both Bell and Rogers should be able to offer you something reasonable. Usually it's something like you pay for some basic service, and they throw in other features you want for free. Example: pay $50 for 100 anytime minutes and 6GB data, but get text messaging, call display, extended nights and weekends and another 200 minutes of talk time for free. Be prepared to stay on the phone for a while though and bring all your negotiation skills to the test.
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