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Originally Posted by roh_ultima View Post
depends if they are used to the apple interface or not

i have had friends who got apple laptops and regretted it, only because they had to learn how to use the OS
and didn't notice much of an improvement over using windows
Don't mean to start the whole mac vs. windows thing, but in my experience getting used to apple is not a very sharp learning curve. My mom uses a windows computer at work - and her job is rather computer intensive, but at home she has a mac mini and for things she does there - browsing, email, movies - she stopped asking me questions after about a week - and she never used a mac before that.

Who knows, you might actually like it ;).

I also find that women in general are more accepting of macs, especially the laptops (nothing personal against guys, but I know quite a few guys who are very prejudiced against macs, while girls are often more open minded). I'd venture a guess that it has something to do with the very streamlined and minimalistic design of their portables. Non-Apple laptops have been improving in that department for the last few years, but they still have a long way to go. I look at my work laptop (a 1 year old MSI, woe is me) and it's just a cacophony of mismatched plastic parts, makes me really appreciate my macbook at home ;).
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