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@roh_ultima:I will be using my old case, which is a coolermaster cosmos 1000. I imagine there will be enough room in there as it is a monster of a case. Thanks for the heatsink suggestion, I will definitely add that since its only $30.

@southbay: definitely thinking about the 6870, but as pointed out, the second PCI-E x16 slot runs only at 4x when in crossfire mode. I would really prefer a single card solution, which is why i'm thinking the 560 ti would be better. Then again, if I do add another 560 ti later on, is my power supply good enough to handle it?

@roh_ultima (again):I guess it was a poor assumption that these boards would SLI (I figured crossfire also meant SLI). Can you recommend any boards that would be around the same price range and have SLI in case I do decide to add another 560 ti down the road? My experiences with mobos have been with Asus and Gigabyte only.

Thanks for all the feedback!
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