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I'd gladly give you some of the insight I've incurred from my numerous different card set ups in spirit of multiple monitor gaming.

Here have been my following set ups
SLI 465 GEs (Unlocked to 470s)
Xfire 6870s
SLI 560 Tis
SLI 580 3GB (waste of money really for the extra vRam)

Currently sporting Xfire 6970s.

Now onto your own question, I'd highly recommend going with the xfire 6970s over the 6990 unless you do not have a motherboard which can support x16 for both cards. The thing about that 4GB of vRam is the fact its still separated for the two graphical processing units on board. This means each is still only getting the 2GB that a regular 6970 would get. The only advantages you get from a 6990 over a 6970 is the fact that it uses up one pci-e 2.0 slot rather then 2, and consumes slightly less power then 2 6970s. Anything else, xfire 6970s school the 6990.

Will you be able to max out everything at that resolution with 2 6970s or a 6990, you will be able to get close, however there are some games and some features that are still too much for current generation dual cards to handle. Such examples are Crysis 2 with the DX11 and high res patch on ultra settings (frames can dip down to 20-25) as well as The Witcher 2 with uber sampling (brings most gpu set ups to their knees with no noticable improvement in what you see on the screen).

Hope this helps.
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