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Default Need expert GPU/Eyefinity opinion


I have a good job and thus have some money to spend on my rig. I run a triple display Eyefinity setup, currently powered by a Vapor-X 5870. While it performs admirably at a resolution of 5970*1080, it understandably cannot handle AA and other eye candy being a) just one card and b) 1 GB of VRam. I plan to upgrade my motherboard to the new Sabertooth Tuff series. I believe my AMD Phenom II Hexacore will more than suffice at stock settings.

So, here is what I understand when it comes to GPU's/Eyefinity:
1. The more VRAM, the better. Even upgrading to a 2gb card would help immensely when scaling at that resolution.

I have been researching benchmarks, and here is the cards I have my eyes on:

1. HD Radeon 6990 (4GB VRAM) $729.00
2. Crossfired 6970's 2gb card(s).

Now I understand that the crossfired 6970's outperform the 6990 in some benchmarks and price as the 6990 was down-clocked to accommodate two gpus on one card. HOWEVER, with a whopping 4 GBs of VRAM, would the 6990 not be the card of choice for the Eyefinity enthusiast looking to max out every game at enormous resolutions (5970*1080)??

Any help would be appreciated!
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