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Thanks for responding test tube, I have struggled with the decision on which way to go with the GPU. I will have to decide soon as I hope to pull the trigger on this build tomorrow.

Thanks guys for the advice on the SSD. I will go with the 120 GB and set up as you recommend.

supaflyx3, thanks for your help. Photoshop and gaming would be the main uses for this computer, along with a little productivity and internet. Editing video would be occasional. If the 2600k did the editing with less stress on the system, I would take another look at going with it. But, if the only advantage was speed, I think I could live with the 2500k. But, the reviewers here say the 2600k had a very stable overclock. Ah, decisions, decisions.

Thanks francisw19, i will skip the sound card for now, but will think about getting the Xonar DX later. I e-mailed a tech and he said the optical drive would fit in the FT-02 with room to SLI the GTX 580.

I really appreciate the advice everyone has given me, it has been a great help.
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