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Originally Posted by roh_ultima View Post
why did you start another thread on the same topic :P
It's not, my other thread was about my build in general it just moved onto the graphics card towards the end

Still can't decide which one though. The EVGA 570 superclocked (797 mhz) is the same as the the EVGA 580 superclocked (797mhz)... what the big deal?

You know what? I'm just going to buy the MSI GTX 580 Lightning, I have read this review and it is factory overclocked by 60mhz (from 772mhz to 832mhz), and apparently "The ease of the 950 MHz overclock is really as simple as increasing the sliders and hit apply" and "Overclocking wise the Lightning will allow to be clocked to roughly 875~900 MHz on the core without voltage tweaking" using AfterBurner.

This will give me a decent 2-3 years of excellent graphics I think and buy then I will probably buy a new graphics card or go SLI (Probably former).
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