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Without known the exact BSOD error way of knowing if its SF related or not.
Honestly, running SF2281s in raid 0 only starts to pay for itself when you do 3 or more. You are running them in a degraded state, thus getting almost none of their full potential.

IF it was me I'd break the array, run one as your C the other as your D (with 2ndary apps installed on it).

Turn OFF hot plugging in the BIOS. See if the BSOD happens again. IF it does write it down. The "SF bug" is one of a couple things. Most likely its the partial sleep issue that they can enter (even though its part of the new Intel PCH and one of the advertised features), when they shouldnt then the OS tries to access the drive....and it errors out as the drive is sleeping. Reboot solves it as the system tells the drive to wake up on hard reboot.
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