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Default Is this the dreaded SF BSOD?

Just built myself a new rig (Gene-Z, 2600k, GTX580, Mushkin DDR3-1600), and decided to splurge on a pair of Corsair Force 3 120GB drives for some raid0 fun. Unfortunately, about 3 times in the last two weeks, I've had the computer crash out of nowhere, ending in a BSOD.

As the computer resets and goes through the reboot process, Intel Storage manager reports that raid 0 array made up of those drives has failed. In order to get things going again, I need to do a full power-off and restart that way. Once that happens, things are back in working order again.

Are these the symptoms of the current mysterious sandforce issue? Or does it sound like a different issue? I'm not getting anything specific pertaining to my system via Google at this point.
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