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Originally Posted by roh_ultima View Post
i don't know if the 580 is worth the price increase for the little performance gain you get over a 570
like 5% difference

however the price difference is far more than 5%

the money you save there
you can put into a 120 GB SSD instead

60 GB fills up fast

Thanks for the tip! I've looked into what you've said extensively looking into reviews and benchmarks and the performance is a matter of a few fps's between the 570 and 580. When you're getting 60+ fps in games on the 570 then I don't see why I would want a few more here and there which I wouldn't notice.

I am going to buy a 570, probably the MSI DirectUII if I plan on overclocking or the EVGA Superclocked. The latter has 25mhz more than the stock 580 (EVGA 570 has 797mhz, stock 580 has 772). I can then further overclock this if I want.

I may as well buy the 570 and save $259 dollars here or 160.00 here in England!! With the spare money I will buy a Hyper 212 and better power supply as test tube and crazyhorsejohnny advised.

I am unsure as to how much power I need now... I may go GTX 570 SLI and I may overclock my GPU and CPU. How much power do I really need? If it's 800w+ then it will cost a fortune in electricity bills and I was under the impression that the i5 at stock would not bottleneck with latest games.
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