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Well, I had an Asrock board fail horribly once before and never any problems with Gigabyte boards except for one failed ethernet port, so I lean towards Gigabyte. Maybe their build quality has improved over the past couple years, though. I had a socket 478 motherboard from back in the day last me three and a half years... but their AMD 7xx series boards were not quite up to par.

As far as thermal pastes, if you want a good one that is non-conductive I would go with OCZ Freeze or AC MX3.

For wifi gaming I always get PCI or PCIe 1x cards, the brands I trust most are Linksys, Asus and Netgear.

Do you think that I would be better off saving money not upgrading my PSU to 850w-1000w and just waiting 2 years to buy a better single GPU? I kind of think it's a waste of money just throwing away a GTX 580 down the line and it would be better going SLI? If the latter it looks like I will get the better PSU now.
No, well, the most stable things in terms of PC pricing tend to be power supplies. A good 1000w PSU bought now will probably still be worth a lot in two or three years time. Power supplies also only max out at around 1200-1400w because beyond that you're going beyond the capacity of what most breakers are able to deliver (which is 1500w AC current), so if you get a 1000w or a 1250w you're pretty much future proof. As components move to smaller process like 28nM too, the amount of electricity they use also decreases per transistor count, so...

As far as the heatsinks I like, I mean, it depends on what is on sale at NCIX and where it rests on that list, haha... I have owned 3 Hyper 212+'s and two of them worked great, the third one had minor machining issues on the contacts on the bottom. They are pretty good and are good performance per dollar.

Overclocking to me is pretty worth it because you can gain a good 25%+ performance in many applications for nothing more than the cost of the heatsink. You do need to stability test, but that's not terribly hard (run LinX continually for 48 hours with most of the RAM after you set your overclock in the BIOS; if it goes without error, you're good to go!)

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