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Originally Posted by blaze_125 View Post
The ram is approx 50$
Originally Posted by NI3 View Post
As a combo, $180-200 is about right.

Edit: Some people sell their older 775 stuff cheap for a quick sell, so buyers may want something around the same price as those who just want to get rid of their old C2Q gear. You will find a buyer for $200. RFD, or especially OCN you can find a buyer for that price, but it may take while, $180 would be a quick sell.
Is it ok to follow up here?

Maybe my input will be of interest to the OP. Maybe not. :)

I have similar stuff I wanted to inquire about.

I am wondering about selling on: here - HW, Kijiji, ebay, RFD...etc. I'm afraid of people who just reply with offers and then disappear. I see this all the time on kijiji and on RFD, there is constant low-balling when inquiring for buying and high prices when someone is selling and I usually know the value of the hardware since I'm reading here and other computer sites.

But, I was wondering if it matters what the brand and model is.

I have an Asus P45 P5Q mobo so no 'E' or 'Pro.' Does that matter? It's in good condition. I use compressed air to clean everything and inside my case right now is spotless. I guess that doesn't matter much?

My RAM is 4gb of Mushkin PC2-8500 (2x2gb)... I thought it might be $60 to $70 or is that too high?

I tried to sell as a whole but only got a few inquiries. I had an offer of $275 but then the buyer disappeared and never followed up. I would have accepted the offer at the time, too. I was inviting the buyer to come by but never got a reply.

The main reason I want to sell is I want to upgrade so that I can have more RAM. I don't want to invest in DDR2 RAM especially with what you are limited to and the prices, of course. The problem is that when you add the cpu, mobo and RAM, you are just under $400 (at best) and my current stuff would only fetch around $200 on here?

Any advice?

I thought I might as well keep my current components being HDDs, PSU although I have an aftermarket heatsink that can only fit LGA775 hardware? It's a Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme so is there any value for this for ppl still using 775 or not?

Thanks for any answers. This might help the OP (with the replies). I also suggest to the OP to look at ebay. I prefer to sell on here but unless someone wants the cpu for $100, I think RAM might fetch a bit higher than $50 there.

Depends what it is, maybe. I believe Mushkin is a good brand although I'm wondering how popular the base P5Q is...
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