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I'm running a Kuhler 920 with a 1090T (stock clocked) and the unit keeps the CPU needlessly cool.
My understanding is that the Kuhler 920 is only slightly better then the Corsair H70.

The stock cooler kept things at
IDLE 36 Celcius
LOAD 62 Celcius
and was very loud!

The Kuhler 920
IDLE 22 Celcius
LOAD 36 Celcius
and is very quiet

Room temperture was 20 Celcius and LOAD was with prime95 running all 6 cores for a long time (hours)

That's a big difference even without overclocking.
But I think there's a bit of a novelty factor here as well.
I think self contained water coolers offer people a first step into water cooling without
having the work and expence of some of the crazy systems on this site.
I just wish you could get sealed water coolers for the graphics card as well.
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